Indika Saman

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Indika Saman

Profile Floor Manager. Indika’s goal is to have the most positive impact on the lives of the people that he works with; helping them become the healthiest, happiest, highest performing version of themselves. He instructs and assists people in reaching personal health and fitness goals. Indika aims is to provide the right support and environment to enable them to be successful with their goals.
Age 41
Height / Weight 5’4, 64kg
Fitness Experience  17 years as a personal trainer and 19 years as an athlete
Certifications and Fitness Accomplishments -Certified Personal Trainer

-Certificate for Fitness Trainer Ministry of Sports 2013

-Colombo YMCA- Bodybuilding Championship 60KG Fly Weight class 2nd place 2003

-Sri Lankan Body Building Federation (2004)- All Island Bodybuilding Championship Mr. Novice 60Kg fly Weight Class contest 3rd place

-Sri Lankan Body Building & Fitness Federation National Championship

-Mr. Novice 60Kg Fly Weight Class contest 4th place 2007